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“Wall installation of a higher echelon”
— by Blueprint

Bradleigh Applications, Inc.

Embracing New Technologies

Bradleigh Applications, Inc. embraces new technologies, capabilities, and the demands of working at a higher caliber. William Dick, Bradleigh Applications, Inc’s president believes “The industry has quickly become more sophisticated, and general contractors want to feel comfortable with someone who can handle that level of sophistication, and that applies to both the project management as well as today’s complex exterior wall systems and newly introduced acoustical plaster systems.”  To meet these challenges, Bradleigh Applications, Inc. sets a high bar for its employees—they are unwaveringly polite, ethical, and highly skilled in every aspect of their trade.  Because of this ethic, Bradleigh Applications, Inc. is preeminent in installing sometimes challenging products such as BASWA and StarSilent that, when properly installed, provide dramatic improvements to sight and sound to Class A construction projects.