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Certifications Are Key To Our Success


Bradleigh Applications, Inc. professionals in business over 40 years

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Our Certifications

Focused on Excellence

“The industry has quickly become more sophisticated, and general contractors want to feel comfortable with someone who can handle that level of sophistication.”1 That is why Bradleigh Applications, Inc. employees are certified in advanced product applications, safety procedures, and are committed to professionalism in the industry.

Air Barrier Association of America

Accredited Contractor Certification

BASWAphon Seamless Acoustical Finish Systems

Certified Installer Certification

Parex USA

Applicator Qualified Certification

STO Corporation

Qualified Contractor Certification


Air Barrier Certification

Master Wall Inc.

Applicator Qualified Certification

Dryvit Systems Inc.

Continued Training

EIMA Membership

EIFS Industry Members Association


Applicator Qualified Certification

Service Beyond Measure Since 1980