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Bradleigh Applications, Inc. professionals in business over 44 years.

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Building Excellence Since 1980

Bradleigh Applications, Inc. has been providing professional installations and service in the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1980. Our diversified portfolio of field capability includes EIFS, Stucco, Venetian and Gypsum Plasters, Acoustical Plasters, including BASWAphon, StarSilent, and Pyrok.  In addition, we are an ABAA certified installer of AVB/air, vapor and weather barriers. While we are in the midst of our 4th decade of service to the Mid-Atlantic region, we continue to maintain our long term repeat customer base with a record of 100% completed contracts. We have been honored to be recognized with awards for our work.

Construction team receives military coins for their superior work

Service Beyond Measure Since 1980