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Established in 1980, Bradleigh Applications Inc. (BAI) is a Mid-Atlantic based corporation with current, past and future projects throughout the United States. Since 1980 we have installed millions of square feet of exterior and interior wall systems from the very largest commercial projects; a $2M EIFS project in Tampa Florida, for example; to the smallest job, like an $890 plaster patch and match job in Baltimore, Maryland. We have installed acoustical plaster in a restaurant in New Orleans, and have completed over 60 panelized EIFS store fronts systems for major department stores from Chicago to Boston. Each new project is our opportunity to give you our best and to prove our reputation, which is one of the highest held in the industry.

While we are in the midst of completing four decades of company service to the construction industry, we continuously build upon our trade knowledge to expand our scope of work by adding new product lines that are related to our core business. Since inception, BAI has specialized in traditional stucco, EIFS, and interior gypsum plaster, but as we gained expertise, we added related products such as Venetian plaster, acrylic interior and exterior coatings, acoustical plasters, and spray applied plaster assemblies. Just recently, we added air barriers after we became ABAA certified. We don’t do it all, but we come close.

During our history, we have a record of 100% completed contracts—in other words; we have always finished what we started. We are fully bondable and have excellent relationships with all of our customers; many relationships spanning over multiple decades.

All of us at Bradleigh Applications Inc. look forward to tackling the challenges your next project may present, and most importantly, the opportunity to establish another great relationship.

The Mid-Atlantic’s Leading Installer of E.I.F.S., Acoustical Plaster Products, Air Barriers & More!

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Based in Crofton, Maryland, Bradleigh Applications has been decades installig and renovating exterior insulatrion and finish systems (EIFS) for large and small commercial clients in the Mid-Atlantic.  Our experience qualified us to install exterior EIFS and interior acoustical plaster for commercial buildings all over the United States, such as hotels in Miami, Tampa, Denver, Las Vegas, restaurants in New Orleans and department stores in New England and Chicago!

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It begins with being polite, courteous, respectful and professional.  We pride ourselves on the mutual respect we give to all clients we deal with.  Our product knowledge is extensive and vital to our clients and our staff is able to immediately and accurately answer questions intelligently and clearly on everything from construction schedules to materials.  In the industry, Bradleigh Applications has the reputation of being able to handle the nuances around high quality management you now see in construction.

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Having such a dedicated crew allows us to expand into new “more sophisticated” products, such as acoustical plaster.  Bradleigh Applications is one of the few companies in the Mid-Atlantic that has the professional training to install products like BASWA,  StarSilent & Pyrok Acoustical Plaster.  These certifications have garnered Bradleigh Applications nationwide attention as we’ve provided services coast to coast.  Restaurants, university buildings, federal buildings and even the Smithsonian’s National Museum Of African American History and Culture.

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Our attention to detail, product knowledge and organization expertise has enhanced our companies reputation and relationships with general contractors, drywall contractors and building owners.  Our approach to the industry has granted us decades of renovation work and heightened customer satisfaction.  Our employees are the lifeblood of Bradleigh Applications and much like our clients, are an equally important aspect of the company and how it functions.  This mutual respect has kept employees working at Bradleigh Applications for decades.  Retention that is essential to client trust, great service and overall culture.

Meet The Team At Bradleigh Applications

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