Acoustical Plaster

Reverberation has an important impact on speech intelligibility, affecting safety, health, learning, and quality of life. By absorbing sound waves, BASWA Phon makes conversation clearer, even in harsh situations, by reducing reverberation time. The product delivers premium acoustical environments to a variety of high end commercial, retail and residential spaces while protecting design aesthetic.

While Bradleigh Applications has installed countless sound deadening acoustical plaster systems nationwide, we are known locally as the leading BASWA, Pyrok StarSilent, Sonakrete & K-13 acoustical plaster contractor in the Mid-Atlantic!  We specialize in the complete installation of Sound Deadening Acoustical Plaster in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia.

How acoustical plaster systems work
Bradleigh Applications Acoustical Plaster Contractor Installation
Bradleigh Applications Acoustical Plaster Contractor Installation
Bradleigh Applications BASWA Acoustical Plaster System

BASWA Acoustic Sound Absorbing Plaster

For over 25 years, BASWA Acoustic is still the original, industry trusted and most specified sound absorbing plaster system on the market!

  • Applies to seamless, flat, curved, domed & vaulted surfaces
  • Highest Sound Absorption: 
NRC Ratings of 1.00+; the most sound absorptive plaster.
  • Swiss engineered components Made In The U.S.A.
  • Easy to clean or repair
  • Tinted to match any color with BASWA tint colors
  • No Mold Growth: Per ASTM D3273
  • Durable marble finishes
  • Factory coated & sanded supporting panels: No onsite panel sanding, panel separating, or compressing.
  • Overnight drying times
  • Up to 95% Recycled, Formaldehyde-free, No VOCs, Compliant with CA Section 01350
Bradleigh Applications Star Silent Acoustical Sound Plaster Systems

Starsilent Plaster Finish Systems

The StarSilent system is a smooth, seamless, sound absorbing, durable plaster finish system for walls and ceilings. It is made up of post-consumer, recycled, crushed glass bottles and coated with sound permeable plasters.

This environmentally friendly product allows designers to utilize a seamless, gypsum board look with sound absorbing qualities. It is utilized in many configurations where gypsum board is typically utilized, and can be used on curved surfaces of any radius, as well as on compound curves.

  • No gypsum board substrate is required.  The structural integrity of the system is not compromised by the lack of gypsum board in the assembly.
  • Can be used on contact walls.
  • Can be painted without loss of its sound absorbing quality.
  • It has extremely low VOC content (almost zero) and the highest percentage of recycled content of any smooth, seamless, acoustic plaster system.
  • It can be integrated with a radiant heating and cooling system.
  • High compressive strength for superior durability.
  • Ease of mounting artwork or accessories through it on ceilings and wall applications.
Bradleigh Applications SonaKrete Acoustical Plaster

SonaKrete Premium Acoustic Finish

SonaKrete is a high performance, Class 1 Fire Rated, acoustical finish system. It is available in white, arctic white and specially matched colors, providing for an exceptional range of design options. SonaKrete conforms easily to complex or irregular* surfaces. Engineered for application to virtually any common substrate, SonaKrete forms a strong durable resilient bond.

  • Noise reduction of up to 75% can easily be achieved with a smooth plaster like appearance.
  • Used primarily where drywall, plaster, brown coat, or any other smooth surface is present or will be installed.
  • Extremely abuse resistant. The product does not crack or spawl with age, abuse, or movement from building components.
  • May be produced in any color choice.
Bradleigh Applications K-13 Spray On Acoustical Plaster Sound Deadening

K-13 Sprayed Insulation & Acoustical Finishes

K-13 insulation is the spray-applied commercial cellulose insulation tailored to your specific project requirements. Serving as an exposed finish requiring no additional materials, K-13 meets specifications for insulation (R-value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics.

  • K-13 can be sprayed up to 5″ thick in one application without mechanical support. For higher r-value requirements, we use the K-13 High-R System which can provide R-values exceeding R-30.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, K-13 is especially attractive as a surface finish in new construction as well as renovation projects.
  • K-13 insulates by creating dead air spaces between and within its hollow fibers. Because K-13 fibers are sprayed-in-place, they fill cracks, seams and voids, forming a monolithic coating over the substrate which helps reduce air infiltration.
  • Aids in condensation control, for areas such as indoor pools and ice arenas.
  • The resilient fibers of K-13 absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and making speech and music more intelligible.